This is a WISH LIST only… should anyone be interested in knowing more about them please contact me at wocommunity@gmail.com for more detail.

  • We are very grateful to the SAKKA foundation for the many years that they funded our daily food bill, however, they are no longer able to continue their support and we will need to find new donors. Right now we average about $1000.00 a month (that does not include the rice). Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • We have just finished building our new chicken house, mostly of scraped material and lumber from structures we have torn down and have purchased 250 baby chickens. So far we have spent $490.00 on this project.
  • One of our boys will be graduating from High School in a few months and is interested in becoming a chef. There is a new school that has a two-year course (Academy of Culinary Arts Cambodia) but the cost is $6000.00 for the course. I hesitate to even tell them about it because that is a bit out of our range but if anyone is interested in pledging some money towards this let me know so I can begin working on getting him in. $2000.00 has been raised for this. Thanks, Bonnie!
  • In 2017 The SAKKA Foundation raised the funds to install Solar Panels on our property. At the time it was connected to the government grid and it worked very well, cutting our electric bill substantially… we did not feel batteries were needed at the time. Unfortunately, the power company fell into private hands and when they saw the dials turning backward they felt we were cheating them and so they demanded we disconnect the panels from their grid. Along came COVID and trying to raise funds for even our basic needs became difficult. The panels still work but we need to buy batteries in order to create an off-grid system. Our best estimate from a local company was $14,000.00. If anyone knows about Solar systems we would love to get them working again.


  • This is Srey Leap… she is 2 months old and living with Grandma. She was born in prison and although the mother was released so that she could care for her, she abandon the baby and left her with the mother of the father, who has a three-year sentence. Because both grandmother and father are former residents of Wat Opot we have decided to help provide the formula for the baby because Grandma wants to keep her even though she is not well off. The formula cost about $60.00 per month if anyone is interested in helping with support. We have agreed to support her for one year and will not need any more than$720.00. This has been taken care of until she is 2 years old! Thanks to Mr. Peng Songlim, Mr. Chhim Tepwinut, and their team.
  • We are growing a lot more of our own food but cultivating is mostly done with hoes… a small cultivator would save us a lot of time and if anyone has ever done garden work in 90-degree weather you would know why we would like to have a new one. We also need a new grass cutter. We purchased this with money from our sustainability fund because we needed to get started right away.
  • We need to buy at least one more used motorcycle for our High School students who must travel four kilometers to school. Presently they are riding 3 or 4 on each of the two motorbikes we have. The approximate cost is $500.00 for a “good” used one. Funded… Thanks, Bonnie!
  • We have three washing machines that are in almost continuous use. All of them have broken down and the kids are now washing them by hand. We will try to have them fixed (again) but a new machine or machines would be nice. The estimated cost per machine is $300.00. Funded… Thanks, Bonnie!
  • Our next project is building a home for pigs since we produce a lot of edible waste from the kitchen and garden We had a building once used as a residence for staff but was no longer suitable for residence because of its proximity to the crematorium and the supposed Spirits that live around it… and so we decided to make use of it instead of building a new structure. Tearing it down hasn’t cost us much and when finished we will have space for two or three pigs which will cost approximately $50.00 each should anyone wish to help us out. Funded… Thanks, Donna, Linda, Vicky, and Sandy!

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