Because of health and age concerns, I am relinquishing my responsibilities and connections with Partners in Compassion-Cambodia. For those wishing to follow my progress (or decline), you can do so at or contact me at: . Wayne Dale Matthysse

Below is a memo just released by Mr. Vandin San, my partner for the last 27 years. Roughly translated it is to the Ministry of Health asking for it’s help in relocating the children presently living at Wat Opot. Mr. Dara Phan has informed me that he will begin the work of reintegration into the families or other care facilities immediately and expects to finish by April of this year. The reason for closing the residential center is the lack of sufficient financing. The day-care center and reading room for the community will continue, however. All funds raised for the support of children in residential care will continue to support them, after transitioning, through home visits by Mr. Dara Phan.

To learn more go to: PARTNERS IN COMPASSION-CAMBODIA This is a Facebook page. If you cannot get in, contact Mr. San Vandin at:

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