Sustainable Community Based Project For Orphans & Vulnerable Children

“Working together in Harmony & Unity towards a better world”


#8B Street348, Boeung Keng Kang III, Chamkar Mon
P.O.Box 2401 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
H/P: (855) 12-277-660
To support poor and at-risk children by providing: 
1.       Monthly financial support, including Pocket Money, School Supplies, or Hygiene Packs. 
2.       Advice and encouragement to children and their parents on the value of education and the need for children to complete their education in order to have a good future – and not to take their child out of school before they finish their education in order for them to enter the workforce. 
3.       To help to restore the moral values in society that were practiced prior to the years of war.
At the end of June 2009, there are 89 children in the program. In the first 6 months, 3 children left the program because they stopped school and had to work to support their families. These 3 children were replaced by new children aged 8-11 years of age, they all come from poor families. Six new children have been added to the program from a new location inside a Temple near our office, all these new children have been either directly or indirectly affected by HIV/Aids. One has been diagnosed as being positive and for two others we are awaiting hospital results. The Monk from the Temple at Mohamon Trey continues to meet the children once a month, in addition, he is now visiting the children at Toul Crosaing. He is a student of psychology and is very popular with the students because of his friendly attitude towards them. He comes from a small village in Kompong Cham Province and shares his own life story with the children in order to teach them universal moral codes of conduct. He uses the Buddhist precepts and path of life to educate the students on the correct attitude to life. In addition, he uses meditation to help the children to focus on the eightfold path of Buddhism.
 This was the first time for all the children to be taken at the same time consequently it was important that the children be supervised at all times. The evaluation from the children was that they generally preferred the riverside to the zoo-like all children like to swim and play games in the water. However, they did enjoy the visit to the zoo at which they saw some animals for the first time.   
On 28 March 72 children out of the total number of 89 together with representatives of the parents, staff, and the Monk went on the educational & recreational trip to the Zoo at Phnom Tamao and to the riverside at Tonle Bati both in the Province of Takeo.
 In order to have relations of trust and acceptance with the children, it is important to know their living conditions, visit their school to see how they are progressing, and provide extra help as required for slow learners or those who were late entering the school system. When faced with children living with domestic violence, bullying at school, or having taken the first steps into substance abuse, there is little we can do, however having the trust of the child we can advise on the dangers and offer support and encouragement to them.
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