There are presently three main programs under the Partners in Compassion /Cambodia umbrella, each having different functions.

Partners in Compassion Administrative Office

As our patients became stronger and more independent they had a need for assistance.

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Sustainable Community Based Project For Orphans & Vulnerable Children

A sustainable community-based project for vulnerable and orphaned children including those with HIV and AIDS. Click on the Title above for more information about this program.

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Wat Opot Children’s Community

From the early days of hospice care, children were left with us that no one claimed or wanted to look after. By 2007 when we decided to close the hospice there were over 50 children still in our care and the decision had to be made to either farm them out to relatives and other organizations… or to continue caring for them ourselves. We chose the latter and have not regretted it. Today we work closely with Social Services and provide both short-term and long-term residential care for all classes of vulnerable children. Click on the title above to learn more about this program.

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