From the ashes of those we have loved, we built the foundation of our community.

Wayne Dale Matthysse and Vandin San



Partners in Compassion-Cambodia (PC-C) is committed to sharing a common desire to assist & support the Khmer people in raising the standard of life for the most vulnerable individuals & groups in its society, so that all will achieve the benefits from the development of Cambodia in order to ensure they will live life in peace, with dignity & equality.

Mission Statement

The Mission of PC-C is to enable those in society without a voice or opportunity, including those living with HIV and AIDS, to live with human dignity, without fear of discrimination… enjoying fully the rights of all humans while experiencing the Love, Service, and Compassion of others through participation in Sustainable Development Projects that provide access of the poor and vulnerable, in particular women and children, to the opportunity for helping themselves to live in dignity by providing vocational training, income generation ideas, and counseling.

PC-C is a group of concerned Khmer and Expatriates, who share a common desire to assist the Cambodian people in raising the standards of life for the most vulnerable groups in its society. Members of the group work in various professional fields.

PC-C does not have any religious or political preferences. Its sole INTEREST is in helping each individual who REQUESTS its assistance, to find his or her own personal peace, comfort, and fulfillment in this life, without judgment or persuasive manipulation from any of the members of the group.

Funding for the group’s activities comes primarily out of public, private, and personal donations from local, national, and international sources. There is no personal reimbursement of any kind to or for any member or officer of the group unless they provide a specific job or task in one of the projects operated or funded by the group.

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