We are so very grateful for the many people who have been so generous in their support of our community and would like to acknowledge you by name on this page. We will put the amounts given unless otherwise specified. I wish I could go back and collect all of the names from the past years but that would require a great deal of my time and I would like to spend as much of the time I have left participating in the development of our community. I will start this list at the beginning of January 2023 but if you prefer to not be recognized let me know ( and I will make your donation Anonymous.

1/23Gov. Phoun Chaim$40.00School Clothes
1/23Donna Tamaki (Memory of Mira Ikemeya Prakash)$50.00General
1/23Schwab Charitable (Memory of Gail Gutradt)$2,000.00General
1/23Janthida Phakor$50.00General
1/23Alisha Bauer$10.00General
1/23Enise Dagli$10.00General
1/23Michael Rinne$200.00General
1/23Emilie Savin$10.00General
1/23Laura Pauline Koch$15.00General
1/23Nina Jastram$115.00General
1/23Vanessa Lambright$10.00General
1/23Hulya Sarikaya$50.00General
1/23Paul Tupciauskas$10.00General
1/23Ekaterina Schaiermann$12.00General
1/23May Chan$1,000.00School /Garden
1/23May Chan$625.00Field Trip
1/23Andrea Pape $200.00General
1/23Cheryl Ikemiya$200.00General
1/23Gregory Cundiff $20.00General
1/23Jean Lindsay $100.00General
1/23Jon Dixon$30.00General
1/23Juan Te Chin$200.00General
1/23Tseng Kuan Chieh$100.00General
1/23Peng Songlim / Chhim Tepwinuth$150.00Sun Theary
1/23Peng Songlim / Chhim Tepwinuth$72.40Library
1/23Chhuo Tou$500.00Library
1/23Kate Bernoske$200.00General
1/23Katie Pape McKinley $25.00General
1/23Sarah Effenberger$10.00General
1/23Natascha Keuhne$50.00General
1/23Johanna Karus$233.37General
1/23Dana Boutain$30.00General
2/23Hour Thai Family$100.00General
2/23Roy and Gaye McPhee$100.00General
2/23Andrea Pape$200.00General
2/23Katie Pape McKinley$25.00General
2/23Paul Tupciauskas$10.00General
2/23Dana Boutain$30.00General
2/23Vannak Pol$250.00General
3/23Peng Songlim / Chhim Tepwinuth$150.00Sun Theary
3/23Peng Songlim (for Tori and Chay)$50.00Education
3/23Andrea Pape$200.00General
3/23Donna, Linda, Vicky, Sandy$250.00Front Doors
3/23Katie Pape McKinley$25.00General
3/23Dana Boutain$90.00General
3/23Johanna Karus$244.37General
3/23Natascha Kuehne$50.00General
3/23Sarah Effenberger $10.00General
3/23Jon Dixon $30.00General
3/23Paul Tupciauskas $20.00General
3/23Vannak Pol $250.00General
3/23Amy Nathan $200.00General
3/23Kate Bernoske $100.00General
3/23Peng Songlim$50.00General
4/23Paul Tupciauskas$10.00General
4/23Denise Winarchick$2000.00General
4/23Dana Boutain$30.00General
4/23Denise Deisher$1000.00General
4/23Bonnie Goodman$1400.00General
4/23Yan Ling Leung$500.00General
4/23Gary Brewer$100.00General
4/23Yuen Yi Mann$100.00General
4/23Megan Flahive1230.38General
4/23El Lai family$35.00Crematorium
4/23Katie Pape McKinley$25.00General
4/23Paul Tuppciauskas  $10.00General
4/23Peng Songlim$25.00General
4/23Ren Chanthach$25.00General
4/23Mongden Srun$100.00General
4/23Souang Samantha$25.00General
4/233NNa Vyy$30.00General
4/23Navamalika Buoy$20.00General
4/23Chhim Tepwinuth $50.00General
5/23Gary Brewer$20.00General
5/23Mom Vanny family and friends$85.00General
5/23Jeanie E. Cotton$100.00General
5/23Chhim Tepwinuth$20.00General
5/23Reika Shucart $75.$75..00General
5/23Dana Boutain $30.00General
5/23Steven John Anderson  $300.00General
5/23Katie Pape McKinley$25.00General
5/23Kate Bernoske$100.00General
5/23Keiko Mitsutsuka$100.00General
5/23Gary Brewer$20.00General
5/23Paul Tuppciauskas  $10.00General

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