Thanks to a generous donation we were finally able to get our swimming pool back in shape by calling the same construction crew who built it for us. When we explained that the filters just weren’t doing a good job they told us that others had also had the same problem because it was a fault in the design. but they now knew how to fix it and would be happy to do it for us (for a price of course).

It was great having a clean pool again, however, it made the space in front of the Art room look drab, so we decided to add a bench for the lifeguard to sit on that could also be used as a desk for drawing when we had art class.

With the kids out of school, it didn’t take long for the idea to turn into a reality and everyone agreed it was a big improvement, but…

the new bench made the old cement floor look ugly, so we decided to put in a new floor since we had plenty of help to mix the cement and carry the tile.

And in just a few days we now have a new favorite hangout and also a good cool place to end tours when visitors come through.

Thanks for stopping in… for those of you who are not yet one of our supporters but would like more information on how to become one, please visit our CONTACT PAGE or go directly to the Wat Opot support website:


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