Every weekday we hold extracurricular classes in Math, Khmer, and English for all the kids at Wat Opot and in the wider community to help them get a leg up in their academic journey.

With nearly a hundred children attending regularly, our awards ceremony yesterday was a pretty big deal for both the kids receiving awards and their teachers and classmates who cheered them on.

Congratulations to all, we’re so proud of you!

We also had to bid farewell to Janina, a long-time supporter and representative from St. Ursula Gymnasium Dorsten, who joined us this week to learn more about our programs and delve into the many stories that Wat Opot has to tell.

In her short time with us, she showed us some new exercises for our weekly Yoga sessions.

Janina, it was an absolute pleasure to have you here – for the kids especially!

We hope to stay connected with you through the future! Your support is so important to us – thank you!

Thanks for stopping in and thanks to all of you who are supporting us… before I go, however, I need to share this photo of a Wat Opot Sunset from Scott Rotzoll, another of our Volunteers / Photojournalist.

If you are not one of our supporters but would like more information on how to become one please visit our CONTACT PAGE or go directly to the Wat Opot support website: https://www.watopot.org/en/donate


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