The Wat’s LOUD SPEAKERS have gone silent and the festival celebrants have all gone home, following the three-day Pchum Ben Festival here in Cambodia. The reprieve from the noise was short-lived, however, as the children, who were on home leave, started to come back the next day and the community preschool children once again came for their classes in the mornings.

We have had a lot of rain here and if I were to complain about anything I would tell you about our flooding woes… but compared to much of the rest of Cambodia, most of our buildings are still dry, and the only hardships we suffer are wet feet.

In the afternoons, the older community children descend on our campus for study and unsupervised sports activities, volleyball being the predominant choice for the boys, however, there are a few “Tomboys” (if that term is still appropriate) who are just as good if not better than many of the boys.

Another activity is playing the “shoe game” which involves kicking one of your flip-flops against a wall or someone else’s flip-flop until you knock over the prize (usually a pile of small trading cards when I am watching, or money when I am not watching. I really do not understand the game and to be quite honest I believe that there are Flip-flop secret agents who go around to all of the communities, teaching the children this game because it ruins at least one of their flipflops every couple of weeks and they come and want me to buy them new ones.

Well… that’s about all folks. Thanks for stopping in and thanks to all of you who are supporting us. If you are not one of our supporters but would like more information on how to become one please visit our CONTACT PAGE or go directly to the Wat Opot support website:


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  1. The floods look serious, however I see your sense of humour will carry you through. Maybe you can get a discount if you purchase a carton. After all the saved money will be going to a good cause .

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