Our director Mr. Dara held a staff meeting today and instead of telling us what he thought of our work performance, had us do a self-evaluation. Our responses were then posted on the board and we discussed the pros and cons of each one listed.

No one felt threatened because we were the ones who came up with the items discussed. Although I had a limited understanding of what was said by some of the staff, I think the meeting went well.

At the end of the meeting, I thanked the staff for all of the work they have and are doing and I reminded them of the fact that over the years, the Wat Opot Community has hosted many important dignitaries, including actors, entertainers, members of Royal families and Political leaders. We had television documentaries done in Europe, Asia, and Korea, Interviews on BBC and Al Jazeera, magazine articles in many leading magazines like Readers Digest, and even a front-page article in the Detroit Free Press, as well as a book written and published about our community that has reached thousands of English readers and has also been translated and published in Chinese. We have also had a huge effect on many children who grew up here and who today are very successful, as evidenced by the diplomas and certificates above the whiteboard… a new project we have just started. I ended by telling them that even though we may not see that what we are doing is that important, we have had a profound effect on millions of people around the World and it is my hope that we will continue to do so.

Thanks for stopping in and thanks to all of you who are supporting us. If you are not one of our supporters but would like more information on how to become one please visit our CONTACT PAGE or go directly to the Wat Opot support website: https://www.watopot.org/en/donate


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  1. Thanks Gary… for ‘Taking a chance on me’ when no one else would. Who knows how things would have turned out if you hadn’t.

  2. Good to hear of having touched so many lives in addition to the WatOpot CommunityI felt truly thankful to be a small part of all of it.

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