I had, so much, been looking forward to getting back to Cambodia and the warmer weather but wasn’t prepared for the heat as I walked out of the airport in Phnom Penh. The travel back went much better than I expected and the airline service took good care of me. The 15-hour flight from San Francisco to Singapore was my biggest worry but they put me in an aisle seat with no seats ahead of me so I had plenty of leg room and the bathroom was just steps away. The seat was small and I was concerned for anyone who would have to sit next to me, but as the plane loaded and the doors were shut I realized that seat was not taken. The best part was the next seat over was a young businessman from Singapore and we were able to have some good discussions in between meals and naps.

Some miscommunications left me stranded at the airport for a short time but I eventually got to my hotel and was able to relax… all of the worries of not making a connection, canceled flights, or not getting to a bathroom in time were needless. A COMING HOME party was held at the riverside Saturday evening and on Sunday I slept in and just enjoyed Phnom Penh from my balcony.

Dara picked me up Monday morning but informed me we would be picking up Srey Liep and taking her back to Wat Opot again because Grandma was back in the hospital… so much for a slow reintroduction to the Watopotian lifestyle.

The children seemed as happy to see me as I was to see them again and although the attention can be a bit overwhelming at times, it is so much better than the solitude of being alone. A couple of new kids have been added during the time I was away.

Not much has changed during the time I was gone. Dara, Scott, and the Staff have done a good job of managing the place in my absence, for which I am very grateful. Not sure what role I will play in the future… but there is still a lot of work to be done here and I hope that my health continues to improve so that I can remain a contributing part of the Wat Opot Community.

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  1. I’m so glad your trip went well! You must have started to get use to the cooler weather here. Praying that your health continues to improve

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