It is difficult being in the States knowing that the daily activities at Wat Opot continue and that Mr. Dara, the staff, and all of the children are doing well without me. Corresponding from time to time with them via telephone brightens my day but does nothing to help clear the uncertainties of my future. My vision has returned to what it was before and I await new glasses from the Veterans Affair. My Blood pressure and Glucose levels are under control with medicine and I am feeling much better than before, and so I should be able to make a decision in the next few weeks regarding my next move. I appreciate very much the prayers and messages of support I have received for myself… but more important I am very grateful to all who have come through with their much needed support for the children and staff of the Wat Opot Community. You can follow this link to a new Facebook video that was just completed, if you would like to learn more about the community and the children.

Wayne Dale Matthysse

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