It was early evening and the Sun was slowly sinking into a patch of dark heavy clouds, which hopefully were full of rain… but they were still a long way off and no threat as of yet for the children playing outside. Ms. Yah, who up until a few days ago was our youngest child, was playing with her rag doll all by herself. The addition of an abandoned brother and sister, both of whom were younger than she, was now getting the attention of the older children and so she decided to entertain herself, 

Some of the children were singing Karaoke on the other side of the wall, while the others watched cartoons on the television. She made some dance moves, thinking she was all alone when suddenly a beam of Sunlight broke through a small hole in the dark clouds and showed down on her like a spotlight, casting her shadow on the wall. Startled, she jumped back and stared at the figure, unsure of what or who it was. She made a few gestures and when the figure imitated her moves she realized it belonged to her and began dancing merrily with her shadow. 

Sometimes Life can bring us down, 

And we see darkness all around,

But in those times don’t be afraid,

Think of Yah and the friend she made,

Shadow, Shadow on the wall,

You were her best friend after all.

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  1. Simply beautiful, Wayne! Lovely story.

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