Our mother pig gave birth to 10 piglets a few days ago. One of them didn’t live very long but the rest are doing good. Hopefully, we can get the remaining 9 piglets to 80 or 90 Kilos in a few months by eating kitchen scrapes and rice husk.

Our staff are very knowledgeable about animal husbandry and know just what to do. Mr. Pheap even slept several nights just outside their pen to make sure the piglets were safe. We also have a pregnant cow but it will be a while before she is ready to deliver.

Two of the three other pigs on our campus have reached 80 Kilos and although we were planning to wait on selling them until Khmer New Year in a few weeks’ time, we were offered a good price ($1.75 per Kilo) and decided to sell them now because we needed the money to buy rice for our children.

In the background, you can see our chickens. They will be in big demand in a few weeks’ time and should bring in a good amount of funds if we can sell them all. Our children are involved in every activity on our campus and are especially helpful when it comes to keeping the buyer honest.

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