With many of our children home for the school break, we decided to take the ones who had no home to go to, for a short trip to the local zoo.

The zoo covers a large area and requires a great deal of walking. Unfortunately, there have been some problems with developers in the area who want to put up condominiums… many trees along the way to the zoo have been cut down and although they have not reached to zoo area yet, many of the larger animals are gone. No one is sure what will happen next.

There is still plenty of monkeys and smaller animals to see but the park is not very well taken care of and was actually a disappointing day for some of the children who wanted to see lions, tigers, and other big animals. There are still a couple of elephants but they did not put on a performance like the last time we were there.

Still, most of the children enjoyed the experience and were happy to get away from Wat Opot for a few hours. They also knew that the best part was yet to come.

Thanks for checking us out and a special Thanks to our supporters who made this possible.

The Watopotians

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