I am not always happy with the choices our children make for themselves but then, I suppose I disappointed my parents as well with the seemingly bad choices I made in my youth… well I made some in my middle ages as well, okay I still make them, but it is those choices, however, no matter how bad they were, that made me what I am today… and I am happy with who I have become. Many times bad choices end in good results and I would like to share just one with you today.

This is our newest granddaughter Meng Ly born just two months ago… the beautiful results of what I thought was a bad decision by the mother… not the first time I have been wrong.

Perhaps one of the greatest joys I have is to see Watopotians making it on their own and starting their own families.

And the second greatest joy is to see how the Wat Opot family supports each other.

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The Watopotians

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  1. Love the updates! Please add me to the mailing list.

  2. wdmatthysse@gmail.com

    Hi Bonnie… The mother is Srey Mach, who left us a little over a year ago.

  3. What a gorgeous little girl!! Who is the mom?

    Congratulations to all.

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