We have much to be grateful for as we will soon begin our new school year in January. Most of the supplies we will need for our students have already been donated and now with our new library and computer classroom, we will be able to expand our community education as well.

The shelves look empty in these pictures but thanks to the many people listed below they will soon be filled with all kinds of reading and reference books.

Many of the books have already been delivered. More will be purchased once we categorize these and the books we already had in our library but are waiting to be filed in the bookcases… the snacks, of course, will not make it to the shelves.

Once completed, our library will be accessible to all persons living in the community… a continuation of our desire to educate and advance the people living around us.

We are so very grateful to the people listed below for their generosity in contributing to this project:

  1. Mrs. Mak Veasna $100.00
  2. Mrs. Buoy Navamalika $100.00
  3. Mrs. Ren Chanthach $100.00 plus packages of writing books with 5000 Riel for each of our students.
  4. Mrs. Yean Somany $100.00
  5. Mr. Kim Arun $50.00
  6. The remaining balance was provided by Mr.Peng Songlim and Mr. Chhim Tepwinuth

The total cost of the project so far has been $1310.00 plus $315.35 for the books.

Thanks for stopping in!

The Watopotians

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  1. This is fantastic, congratulations! I remember bringing donated computers from the Bay Area years ago!

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