It is always nice to be visited by old neighbors who stop in to see how we are doing. Mom Vanny once lived in our area and remembered us as an AIDS hospice. She and her family and friends raised the money to buy school material for our children, as well as laundry soap and dental hygiene supplies .

Besides the cash and supplies they brought delicious snacks for the children…

which they had no problem devouring on the spot.

Many of our children are on home leave for the first time in two years and so thay missed out on this occassion. We are left with those who have no place to go, and that is why occassion like this are especially meaningful.

Thanks for stopping in and if you want to continue to follow us please consider adding your name to the mailing list as I am thinking of pulling out of Facebook and social media and concentrating only on my websites.


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  1. Thanks for all you do Wayne.

  2. Please keep me on your list

  3. Love to follow what is happening at Wat Opot

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