I was a bit late getting up this Sunday morning… usually, nothing much happens, and because it is a holiday (again) and the Wat I was told was having a carnival in the evening, I knew there would be loud music throughout the day and late into the night.

The kids were waiting for me in the kitchen… showing much more enthusiasm for our Sunday morning Art Class than I was feeling. We got out the crayons and colored pencils and they got to work on expressing themselves on paper.

Quite bold for a child who has only been with us a few weeks. We don’t have the artist that we once had here or perhaps I should say that we don’t have a good teacher to bring out the artist that lies dormant in most children. We picked up the crayons and were getting ready to eat our lunch when Mr. Somoeun told us to go immediately to the stage because some unexpected guests were coming.

We got the stage area cleaned up and the group led by Mr. Channa, a former director, arrived a short time later… but instead of the usual rice and cooking oil in the back of the car, we were surprised to find something quite unexpected.

Computers! Ten complete desktops to be exact. Enough to set up a complete lab.

And that was not all… they also handed out 10,000 Reil to each of the children and over $1500.00 for our operational cost. We are very grateful to the following families for this very generous donation.

1.) Mr. DAVID Dao & Harry Lim (represented by Mrs. CHEA MUY SOUANG) $800
2.) Ms. Yean Somany & her family $100
3.) Mr. Peng Songlim & Mrs. Yim Sophary $300
4.) Mr. Chhim Tepwinuth & Mrs. Vann Amporpech $300
5.) Mr. Hang Ponlork & family, computer desktops 10 units


After our evening meal, we had a buyer stop in and sold 26 of our chickens, which brought in $155.00 more. And the boring little carnival I was expecting, turned out to be a lot bigger than those of the past.

And there is also a theatrical performance scheduled for later in the evening… much later, like 12:00 to 4:00 AM.

I may go over for some ice cream when I finish this update, but I don’t think I will be watching the performance… even though it will be playing in my dreams.

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