The COVID restrictions are lifted and it is now time to start thinking about that Life changing experience of volunteering at Wat Opot.

Grace from Canada was our first volunteer in this new post-Covid era and stayed for a month.

Next came Giacomo from Finland / Italy, who is staying for a couple of months. This is his second visit, the first being a one-year tour before the Covid outbreak.

Last week it was Phil and Bronwyn from New Zealand who spent a week of their travel time with us to fix playground equipment. Phil has been here several times before.

No experience is necessary… stay at your own risk and expense and if you have a good time a little cash donation would be helpful in the end but not necessary. We are a community and enjoy sharing our daily life with others. For more information send your inquiry to wocommunity@gmail.com.

Wat Opot children with community children who study with us in the afternoon. So much potential with just a little supervision and guidance.

Thanks for stopping in!

If you can not volunteer at this time but would like to support our community, please check the “CONTACT” page to see how to send your donations.

The Watopotians

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