The Wat Opot family is so fortunate to have many good friends and supporters who make it possible to keep our doors open while other organizations are finding it difficult to keep going. Here are just a few that we would like to introduce you to:

 A Big Thanks to Kevin Tseng for another nutritious donation of milk and fruit and his monthly cash donations…

And to Ms. Lor Cheahuy / Mr.Lor Chea Ming / Mrs.Sovan Ang Eng / Mrs. Lay Chhiv Lin / Mrs. Kim Houy and Mr. and Mrs. Pue Vanmolinda and their children Sovan and Visal for their generous supply of soap, shampoo, and hygiene supplies as well as a computer desk and chair plus rice, noodles, and sauces…

And to the LIONS CLUB for their generous donation of rice, noodles, snacks, and sauces that should keep us going for quite a while.

And last but certainly not least:

The Singaporean Families of 黃馬家蘭, 黃秀琴, and 胡麗莉OH LAY LEE for their generous cash donation. We are grateful to all of them… and the many more who support us as we continue to serve the most vulnerable children and families in our area.

The Watopotians!