It is always nice when our grown-up children return home, even though most of the time it is for personal reasons. Like any family, our children at times run into obstacles along the Paths they are following… sometimes of their own making and at other times because of sickness or accidental injury. Unfortunately, at times they wait too long to share their problems and we lose them to suicide or serious illness… two of our family were taken this year. Most of the time, however, a little cash and some encouragement is all they need.

It is almost Christmas time again and we have a large group scheduled for this coming Saturday. It will be the first time since COVID Restrictions went into effect several months ago, that we can allow visitors on campus again. Last year we did not do anything for Christmas, partially because of the restrictions but also because Mr. Nith, who has for several years designed our Christmas decorations, was involved in a serious accident that left him hospitalized. Although still not fully recovered and unemployed, he has volunteered to start teaching art classes to our children again, and this past Sunday he worked on the Christmas decorations with his class.

We are expecting over one hundred people to attend the event and so we needed to get an early start on the decorations and cleaning around the stage.

It is just the beginning, but enough to make us start feeling positive again about Life and Living… after what seemed like an eternity of death and cremations.

Thanks for stopping by… and a special thanks to all who are supporting and encouraging us in what has been a difficult time. We are doing OKAY thanks to you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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