COVID-19 is still taking the lives of older Cambodians but Thanks to the quick action of the Government we are doing much better than other countries especially the USA. While people debate the need for vaccinations the government here has made it available to all who want it. While people debate the need for a booster shot, most Cambodians already have them, including me. While people debate the need for teens to get the vaccine, all our older kids have already had their second dose… and while the world debates the necessity of younger children getting the vaccine, they have now made it mandatory here before schools can reopen.

Mr. Somoeun, a former resident and now the newly appointed Director of Operations for the Wat Opot Community had big shoes to fill with the resignation of Mr. Dara a few months ago. He has done well and like Mr. Dara, he is able to improvise when a situation calls for it.

Today it was time to have 18 of our 6 to 12-year-old children vaccinated for the first dose. It was nice when they left and so they used the pickup truck, which the kids prefer to the van.

But while they were getting their shots it started to rain hard and showed no sign of stopping anytime soon… but that was not a problem for Mr. Oeun and the kids.

They all simply jumped into the truck cab and enjoyed the ride home. They have an appointment in a few weeks to get their second injection. Although there are some naysayers around, for the most part, people in Cambodia are appreciative of what the government is doing.

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