With the many cremations we have been doing lately, we were running out of our supply of wood, and so I made mention of this one day to the COVID Team. It didn’t take long before the Governor of Takeo got the message and informed us that he would take care of it.

The kids worked hard on the first truckload, to stack the wood in piles, according to size, so that it can dry.

And right on cue, just as they were finishing their work, the ice cream man came by with frozen ice and ice cream cones. (How does he always know just when to come?)

We took our lunch break and the kids attended their homeschooling classes in the afternoon, however, all were back later in the afternoon when the second truckload arrived.

We are very grateful to the Governor for his assistance… but with so much wood donated, it worries me that he may know something that we don’t, about the future needs of our crematorium. Oh well, we are now well supplied with wood, and with our new seating in the shade for grieving family members, who decide to wait three to four hours for the cremation process…

and with our a newly completed prayer room…

and our new solar lights all around the building… we can now offer a twenty-four-hour funeral service just like my cousin Calvin Matthysse did for many years… although I would imagine he charged a little more than the $100.00 donation we average per funeral.

Thanks for stopping in on us, we really do appreciate your support and encouragement in these difficult days.

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