Seventy-four cremations since May and the self-inflicted death of a former young Watopotian last night, has put me in somewhat of a sober reflective mood. Sometimes for me, and I suppose it is the same for many others these days, it seems we are living in a hopeless situation with no way out. I think back to my own attempt at suicide many years ago and would like to share what I learned from it.

All of us want to be loved, and I was no exception in my youth… but never did I find the Love I was looking for. As I sat on my bed in a cheap hotel room in Casa Grande, Arizona with pills in my hand I cried out for help… and suddenly the answer came to me in the form of a revelation. “You will never find the Love you are looking for until you realize that you are that Love, and the more you Love, the more you will be Loved.”

It is too late for so many young people I have known, that I couldn’t get through to… but hopefully some will understand that it is never too late to pick up the pieces and start over again by removing yourself from a negative environment and learning to Love others unconditionally.


Can a man who has erred,
Ten thousand times ten,
Find forgiveness sufficient,
To start over again?

Can the slate he has filled,
Be wiped whiter than snow,
Can secrets revealed,
Not have their toll?

Can his lies be unspoken,
His bad deeds undone,
His victims restored,
Their losses re-won?

Can childhood innocence,
Return once it’s lost,
Or bridges stop burning,
Once flames have been tossed?

The answer of course,
You already know,
Bad seeds once planted,
Are certain to grow.

But for those who would dare,
Journey within,
A new understanding,
Of Life can begin.

You are Creation,
The Creator is you,
Understand this,
And start Living anew.

Wayne Dale Matthysse
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