With the many cremations we have been doing lately, we were running out of our supply of wood, and so I made mention of this one day to the COVID Team. It didn’t take long before the Governor of Takeo got the message and informed us that he would take care of it.

The kids worked hard on the first truckload, to stack the wood in piles, according to size, so that it can dry.

And right on cue, just as they were finishing their work, the ice cream man came by with frozen ice and ice cream cones. (How does he always know just when to come?)

We took our lunch break and the kids attended their homeschooling classes in the afternoon, however, all were back later in the afternoon when the second truckload arrived.

We are very grateful to the Governor for his assistance… but with so much wood donated, it worries me that he may know something that we don’t, about the future needs of our crematorium. Oh well, we are now well supplied with wood, and with our new seating in the shade for grieving family members, who decide to wait three to four hours for the cremation process…

and with our a newly completed prayer room…

and our new solar lights all around the building… we can now offer a twenty-four-hour funeral service just like my cousin Calvin Matthysse did for many years… although I would imagine he charged a little more than the $100.00 donation we average per funeral.

Thanks for stopping in on us, we really do appreciate your support and encouragement in these difficult days.

The Partners


Seventy-four cremations since May and the self-inflicted death of a former young Watopotian last night, has put me in somewhat of a sober reflective mood. Sometimes for me, and I suppose it is the same for many others these days, it seems we are living in a hopeless situation with no way out. I think back to my own attempt at suicide many years ago and would like to share what I learned from it.

All of us want to be loved, and I was no exception in my youth… but never did I find the Love I was looking for. As I sat on my bed in a cheap hotel room in Casa Grande, Arizona with pills in my hand I cried out for help… and suddenly the answer came to me in the form of a revelation. “You will never find the Love you are looking for until you realize that you are that Love, and the more you Love, the more you will be Loved.”

It is too late for so many young people I have known, that I couldn’t get through to… but hopefully some will understand that it is never too late to pick up the pieces and start over again by removing yourself from a negative environment and learning to Love others unconditionally.


Can a man who has erred,
Ten thousand times ten,
Find forgiveness sufficient,
To start over again?

Can the slate he has filled,
Be wiped whiter than snow,
Can secrets revealed,
Not have their toll?

Can his lies be unspoken,
His bad deeds undone,
His victims restored,
Their losses re-won?

Can childhood innocence,
Return once it’s lost,
Or bridges stop burning,
Once flames have been tossed?

The answer of course,
You already know,
Bad seeds once planted,
Are certain to grow.

But for those who would dare,
Journey within,
A new understanding,
Of Life can begin.

You are Creation,
The Creator is you,
Understand this,
And start Living anew.

Wayne Dale Matthysse
The Poem is from:

Report on Leadership and Facilitation Training

TO Child Club Leaders of 5 Clubs

The training was done on 15-16 July 2021 at the meeting room of Partners in Compassion-PC organization in Wat Oport Center, Bati district, Takeo province. There were 15 (M4, F11) who attended that training. The training was facilitated by Mr. Meas Sambath, technical adviser of Cambodia Center for the Child Protection of Children’s Rights Organization-CCPCR and supported by PC.

The purpose of the training is to improve the capacity of child club leaders to understand leadership and facilitation, especially the leader of the club of the children club, which can lead a child to have the ability to do proper activities to receive better knowledge and development.

The main topics of the training:

  • The understanding the leadership and facilitation,
  • The understanding the key principle of the child club,
  • The key article of the main leaders of the child that need a leader to respond to, 
  • The responsibilities to practice child club by children themself,

Training activities and results

  • Participants discussed some examples with significant articles of leaders that relate to the rights of the child. Children were able to share some ideas such as all people including, non-discrimination between poor and rich people, non-violence. The child understood the purpose of Leadership and Facilitation.
  • Participants learned the principle of Child leadership and facilitation. They were able to provide some examples about child participation, non-discrimination, and the best interests of children for leading and development.
  • Participants understood clearly what leadership and facilitation is, and what the need’s and wants are. Children discussed some articles relate to the main leadership anfacilitation of the child. They understood more about the rights that they need to claim from adults especially from their parents for leading and facilitation. 
  • Participants can share some activities that they can practice for receiving the experience from others, such as they are able to practice child club, make effort to learn for development, make effort in child club meetings and school jobs for improving child leadership and facilitation.