Second COVID-19 Cremation

It is 4:30 in the morning and I am sitting here alone at the crematorium again, waiting for the COVID-19 team to come with another victim of the pandemic… a middle-aged woman who died within hours of being hospitalized. The man who did the last cremation lost his construction job when his employer found out about it and so he said he would not do it anymore. Not sure who they will find to do it at this hour of the morning.

People are either afraid of getting the virus or afraid of being ostracized by friends and family because they get involved. Only a fool who has nothing to lose would volunteer for this job.

Not the greatest fit but they did eventually find a way of protecting the vulnerable areas of my body, and we were finally ready to go.

Every precaution was made to disinfect the whole area prior to bringing the body in through the gate.

And again after the body was placed in the furnace the area was fumigated and I was doused in alcohol as I removed my protective gear.

Not sure if this is going to be my permanent job… but I doubt they will find anyone else willing to do it now that they know I can be talked into it. I hope that there will not be many more deaths in our area… but if there are, I hope they can find protection gear in XXL for me.

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