Since the implementation of the Sustainable Community Based Project For Orphans & Vulnerable Children, the awareness of the needs in the targeted villages and other locations has increased. People have been made poorer by COVID-19 and climate change and the gap between poor & rich is widening. Communities & individuals still need our support to reach sustainability.

The history of Partners in Compassion-Cambodia (PC-Cam) shows that we have a capacity to adapt. Our vision, dedication, motivation, and strong commitment to the poor and vulnerable, remain a core value of all of our programs.

This 38 years old widow lost her husband three years ago. She was left with little savings and had no land on which to plant rice. She began working in a garment factory while the children stayed with their grandmother and with assistance from the Sustainable Community Based Project For Orphans & Vulnerable Children, she was able to make enough to reduce some costs for food for their daily living. With the COVID-19 outbreak, however, the family’s livelihood deteriorated because the factory closed down and she could not find vegetables and other food in the field for their daily meals.

The factory has recently reopened and she has started working again, however, there is a concern the factory may close permanently if the COVID- 19 pandemic gets worse, and for that reason, she and her children continue to receive support.

This 53-year-old woman lost her husband several years ago and was left to take care of their 3 children alone. Because she could only find small jobs washing dishes, the children dropped out of school to help her. Thanks to assistance from PC-Cam two of the children were able to return to school and finish their education and she was given money to start a business. She purchased some chickens and ducks and built this small bamboo house for them. With some setbacks, she eventually was able to make some money from the enterprise and eventually opened a small restaurant with the profits. Today she no longer needs any support from the Project.

Life has improved considerably and she now acknowledges that without the initial financial aid and encouragement from the project she most likely would not have been motivated to continue. Her success is a result of having an improved outlook on life and learning to believe in herself. She has not forgotten the support she and her family received from the project and although she is no longer directly involved, she does volunteer with the project when she has free time.

Thanks for your support and interest!

The Partners Team