Who doesn’t like hearing about success? The following story is from just one of the 250 OVCs and their caregivers who have been supported by Partners in Compassion-Cambodia (PC-Cam) through The Sustainable Community Based Project For Orphans & Vulnerable Children’s Program. Her success provides the incentive for our continuation with this and other PC-Cam programs.

Before PC-Cam’s support, this 38-year-old caregiver with three children lived in a small house made from timber, with a dilapidated roof and walls. When the monsoon time would come, she did not feel safe sleeping in her house. Her husband was a construction worker and the family was depended on his income, but it was not sufficient to feed the family. He was often not happy with her because she did not work and so she got a job in a garment factory… but after a year was forced to quit because her health was deteriorating. Returning home, she heard about the program offered by PC-Cam and applied for membership. She and her three children were accepted,

The project supported her in repairing her house and assisted the children in school. She started participating in some of its activities, such as a literacy class and a savings group. Later she joined a handicraft training and gained skills in weaving hammocks. Eventually, she was able to buy ducks and chickens and after some setbacks, they began to flourish. 

We are happy to report that because her outlook on Life was changed she is now able to stay at home and help support her family… and she is very grateful to The Sustainable Community Based Project For Orphans & Vulnerable Children’s Program for the support it has given her.

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