Management and Leadership for the 21st Century

On the 22nd and 23rd of February 2021, a Training was held at the Main office of Partners in Compassion-Cambodia on Management and Leadership for the 21st Century

There are 21 participants, ( 8 from Posvy of Takeo, and 13 from PC’staff). Eight of these participants were Female.

The Objectives:

To understand management and leadership and its relationship as well as functions of management.

To examine the environmental changes, challenges of the managers, and skills need.

To understand organizational development and its interventions to make an effective organization.

To understand the concepts of leadership and its relationship between motivation and leadership.

Main Lessons

What is Management?

What is Leadership and its relationship between management and leadership?

Functions of Management.

The Current Changes in Socio-Environment.

Challenges encountered Manager today.

Management in the 21st Century: Look Back and Looking Forward.

Skills needed for the current Manager and how to organize at the workplace.

What is organizational development and its interventions?

Leadership and Sources of Power of Leader.

Motivation and Leadership.

Keeping our staff up to date on the constantly changing requirements for NGOs in Cambodia is vital not only to our continuation as an organization but to the overall improvement of services to the Khmer citizenry.

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