For those that may have some difficulty in reading this, it is the results of our latest yearly inspection by the Department of Social Services. We received a score of 196, with 200 being a perfect score. That is a 97% approval rating… one of the highest they can give.

Inspections are relatively new in Cambodia and have resulted in the closure of many orphanages and group homes that were not following the new guidelines set down by the government. These closures were necessary in most cases but did result in a lot of negative publicity for all child care facilities, operating in Cambodia, including ours.

Drastic cuts in donations because of the bad publicity, as well as the Corona pandemic, forced some smaller orphanages to close even though they were providing a beneficial service. We also had to cut back on staff and services but were able to maintain a relatively stable environment for our children… however, it has required all of us working together on growing our own vegetables…

and harvesting fish from our ponds.

We have had some assistance as well from a few of our long-term supporters and have also received assistance from former residents on New Years Day, for which we are very grateful.

Thanks for stopping in… leave a reply if you can so that we know you were here.

The Watopotians

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