For far too long our crematorium was neglected and even though I had made a promise to take care of it, it was never high on my things-to-do list. Fortunately, we seldom have to use it, and even though we have an agreement with the local hospital to do their cremations of deceased patients who no one claims, that has only happened a few times.

With all of the children home because of the Corona pandemic, there is plenty of help after home-school hours, and so I decided to put them to work cleaning it.

It took us several days but in the end, I think everyone was pleased with the results, including the residents of the crematorium who had convinced me it was time to make the restorations because they could not social distance in the glass case in which I had kept them for several years.

Now everyone has a good view of the outside and there is no more complaining from the little ones, who often got stuck in the back of the case.

For many of our older children, the crematorium is a place of comfort, because they have friends and family who took up residency there, after being cremated… but for our newer members, it is often a mysterious place that needs an explanation, and we tell them that everything we have at Wat Opot is because of those whose pictures are on the wall.

We do not teach any religion at Wat Opot but the children are encouraged to seek a path of their own choosing. Every night at our meditation we end by singing two songs of Praise… one to the Buddha and another to Jesus. They are allowed, and at times do, ask questions relating to Spirituality, and when they do, they are given information and suggestions, but we try hard not to give them answers… for answers must be found from searching within.

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The Watopotians

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