Hello everyone,

Like most people around the World, we have been laying low because of the Corona Virus. Fortunately for us, however, we have several acres of land to move around on and so we really don’t have anything to complain about. In fact, with the exception of those children returning to us from home visits (like those pictured below, who have to be in quarantine for several days when they come back) we have it pretty good.

Because school has been canceled, and no one is sure when it will restart, we have decided to home school our kids. They meet in small groups for two hours each morning and again for two hours in the afternoon.

The rest of the day is devoted to working in the gardens that now provide much of our daily vegetable needs. Often there is enough to sell in the local community as well. 

We eat greens with nearly every meal… Popeye would love it here.

 Fishponds also need to be cleaned out periodically and fish need to be netted for our kitchen. Our fish are also in high demand outside of our community because the people know our ponds are clean and free of sewer water.

Livestock and poultry also need to be fed and cared for. On-campus we have chickens, which are grown for their meat…

As are the big Black ducks… while the smaller brown ducks provide us with eggs. 

We are also experimenting with growing both Turkey and rabbits for meat (but we haven’t told the animals or the children that yet.) While the local people have no problem eating dog, snake, or rice rat as delicacies, they are not yet sure about eating the flesh of turkey or rabbit.

Even though our days are busy, we still try to find time for the pool…

And I, of course, get stuck most days having to play Lifeguard.

If we were to complain about the Corona Pandemic, our complaint would be that we are not allowed any volunteers until the country is reopened to foreigners. It has been several months since we have heard or felt the support of our followers and that is a bit scary. We are aware that many are just as concerned as we are about how this Pandemic is going to affect their future and for that reason perhaps communications are difficult. Let us hope that tomorrow comes sooner than later.

Thanks for stopping in… we just wanted to let you know that we are still here.

The Watopotians