1. To provide additional Tuition to Children of School going age who have either missed out or are not receiving an adequate education through the public school system 
2. With quality teaching staff and disciplined study times, these children will get back into the educational system and have an equal or even better chance at competing for work in the future.
Wat Opot Children’s Community 
Children of school attending age who have never attended school due to their HIV status Orphans who have never had the opportunity to attend school Orphans of HIV parents who had to take care of their parents in the illness thereby having to drop out of school.
Kompong Spue Province:
Oh Prom Provide Education for children of internal migrants – families who are living illegally on land which is gradually being sold for development. Families are consequently forced to move to other locations
For more information about this program contact Patrick Mooney at pcpmooney@yahoo.com
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